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About Me

Wind was born in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in North Carolina. She moved to Georgia when she was six years of age and considers Georgia to be her home.  As a child Wind was a quintessential dreamer, steeped in the highly intuitive and creative mind.


In school she was adept at pulling symbolism and deeper meanings in literature and approached life with curiosity, quizzical inquiry and philosophic musings.  In her life journey, she realized her deep connection to nature and began a spiritual exploration which led her down many paths.


Wind has a background in energy work, breath work and meditative practices having received her Reiki Masters in 2003, Yoga teacher training in 2004 and Qigong Instructor training in 2021. She comes from two lineages in Earth Centered spirituality and deeply values the lessons and wisdom handed down by her Elders.  All the experiences she accumulated culminate into a vast wealth of knowledge and intuitive insight that she draws upon in her dream readings. Wind is an Oneiromancer, Intuitive Dream Guide and Dream Work Coach.  At the edges of consciousness there is a potent capacity to expand past the limitations presented in the waking world.  As the essence of who we are passes through the keyhole into other realms of existence, the limitations of the physical being including the limited constructs of the personality of self fall away and we enter worlds where rules and rigidity do not apply.


The language of dreams comes in visions which predate the spoken language system. Approached with the logical linear thinking mind, these images often seem nonsensical. Imagine a dream as a web with you, the dreamer, at its epicenter and the strands of the web as pathways of meanings that happen simultaneously.  Wind innately speaks the language of dreams, she has the ability to take dream images and interpret them into various pathways of meanings.  One of her specialties is to guide messages from the dream realms and the astral plane into the conscious awareness for deep inner growth toward wholeness and healing. Wind teaches dream workshops on effective ways to incorporate dream work into personal and spiritual practices. She is a member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) and completed Her foundation classes through IASD in 2021.

Her ongoing research and education in Dream Work makes her top in her field. She was given the right to do Dream Work for others in the capacity of healing by her Elder.  Wind has had a passion and drive for healing for 30 years and recognized that drive to heal stemmed from a place to heal within her own soul self. She has dedicated many years to healing herself and comes from a place of truly wanting others to  grow. She has spoken at Emerson Universalist Unitarian Church and has been featured on the streaming radio show ‘What up Witches’ on Bfam 109.6 with her friend and host Amanda.  

Wind specializes in:  Intuitive Dream Readings where she helps dreamers become aware of the messages provided through night time journeys and helps one integrate the messages for healing within the waking life. Liminal Dream Sessions where the dreamer can take a deeper dive into their own dream imagery.  Wind helps guide the dreamer into a deep meditative liminal dream space where the personality self is bypassed and the higher self emerges to provide insight on a particular dream, nightmare or blockage.  Visionary Experiences where she guides the dreamer into a deep meditative liminal dream space for dream sewing, neuro reconditioning, and manifestation purposes.  Dream Work Classes where she teaches the importance of dream work and how to begin to work with your dreams.  

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