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The Profound Significance of Dream Realms in Ancient Wisdom and Modern Understanding


The realms of dreams, often underestimated in contemporary culture, have been revered across ancient civilizations as gateways to deeper understanding and awakening.

The Ancient Wisdom of Dreams:

In ancient Egypt, 'Resut,' the word for dream, translates to 'Awakening,' signifying a state of heightened awareness achieved through dreams. The Toltec tradition prophesizes enlightenment through dream time, and North American Indigenous cultures glean vital insights from visions and dreams, illustrating the universal reverence for dream realms.

The Dream's Journey from Womb to World:

The Dreaming begins in the womb, where the dream of one's life is formed. At birth, we enter the Dream of the World, where, unfortunately, dreams become diluted and forgotten, their meanings and truths obscured.

The Power and Potential of Dreaming:

Dreams create dimensions, infuse divinity into our being, and lead us towards wholeness. They are repositories of prophecies, holding keys to truths and transformative shifts. Embracing The Dreaming can realign our perception and understanding of reality.

The Dream Realms, as Oneiromancer and Dream Coach Wind Horsley articulates, are not mere nocturnal escapes but vital spaces of truth and prophecy. By reconnecting with our dreams, we unlock a path to a deeper, more awakened state of being.


What is not realized is just how significant the dream realms are. Many ancient cultures put heavy emphasis on dream time. When I began this work, I knew The Dreaming was bigger than just our night time dreams...but I had to start my work somewhere. In Egypt the word for Dream is Resut which means Awakening. There is a sense that only in the dream states are you fully awake. In the Toltec Tradition, it is taught that the sixth sun will be brought to people through dream time.

North American Indigenous derive important information from visions and dreams. Slowly the scope of The Dreaming is made known to me. The first dream of the physical body is made in the womb. Where one develops the dream of one's life. Upon birth, the soul, manifest into physical form, enters the Dream of the World. It is here that dreams (both night time and day time) are dismissed and forgotten.

Each creation becoming lost and fettered. Meanings, understandings, communications become diluted, shadowed and hidden. Truths become blurred and reflections of The Dreaming - distorted, gnarled and twisted. It is with The Dreaming that will shift the space. It is with The Dreaming that dimension is created. It is with The Dreaming that divinity can be absorbed into the cellular structure. It is with The Dreaming that wholeness is created. The Dream Realms are where the prophecies are held, where the keys lie and where Truth is kept. The shift will be brought through Dreams.



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