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Why are dreams important? How can I find out what a dream means?


Why are dreams crucial to our understanding of self? This question echoes in the minds of many seeking deeper insight into their subconscious. Dreams, like a mirror, reflect the complexities and depths of our inner world.

The Mirror of Dreams and Self:

Just as a name and a superficial conversation barely reveal a person's true nature, simplistic interpretations of dreams through generic dictionaries barely scratch the surface. Dreams, rich in symbology, metaphor, and archetypes, are as intricate and layered as the dreamer themselves.

Developing a Relationship with Your Dreams:

Understanding dreams is akin to developing a deep relationship with oneself. Through cultivating dream recall and engaging with the creative mind, one can use dreams as transformative tools. They bridge the gap between logic and mysticism, the known and unknown, weaving a pathway to inner transformation.

The Web of Dream Interpretation:

Envision a dream as a web, with the dreamer at its center. Each strand represents a pathway of meaning, interwoven with symbols, mythologies, and archetypes that reveal profound self-realizations. This comprehensive approach explores multiple dimensions, weaving the collective unconscious and conscious into the tapestry of dream interpretation.

Manifesting Through Dreams:

Dreams are more than nocturnal narratives; they are conduits for self-expression, problem-solving, and even future predictions. In dreams, the impossible becomes possible, offering a realm where self-limiting beliefs are unveiled and seeds of manifestation are sown. Dreams are sacred messages guiding us towards our deepest truths.

At the edges of consciousness, our soul seeks awakening. Guiding the language of dreams into waking awareness unlocks transformative potential at profound subconscious levels. Embrace your dreams as sacred messages, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation.


Dreams and The Dreamer are mirrors to one another. Imagine that I am meeting you for the first time and you tell me your name. Simply knowing your name would not even begin to scratch the surface of knowing you. Imagine that we then engage in a short surface level conversation. Based solely on a name and a surface level conversation, I would still have a limited view of the character and the personality of your being. It would only be with in-depth conversations or the sharing of experiences together that I would begin to grasp the full scope of who you are. You are a complex and dimensional being with many thoughts, emotions, and personality traits. Dreams are exactly the same way. Dreams are as complex and dimensional as the dreamer. The same way just knowing your name would not tell me much about you, using canned dream dictionaries and googling dream meanings will not tell you much about your dream.

Dreams are universal, all people dream. The development of the relationship with your dreams is a development of the relationship with Self. With the cultivation of dream recall and engagement of the creative mind through the interpretive symbologies, metaphors, and archetypal language system of dreams, dreams are deeply and profoundly transformative integrative tools for the individual. Though sleep states are scientific, dreams are often related to the mystical and the merging of logic and mysticism, the known and unknown, the impossible and the possible carve a pathway to inner transformation. Tapping directly into the mystery of self, the ability to decipher the images, colors, sounds and interactions from within your dreams takes a culmination of symbolic, mythological, archetypal attributes and makes realizations about self through the textures of the altered reality states into the unfoldment of your personal dreams.

Thinking about any given dream as a web of information, we put you, the dreamer, at the center of the dream web with various pathways of meanings creating the web itself. In the complete unpacking of a dream, multiple pathways are explored. Working within the scope of the collective unconscious and collective conscious, we can begin to explore the various pathways of meaning that occur simultaneously. Taking a journey to the deep inner self and crossing pathways of those interpersonal relationships in your interactions with others, your dream states in the Waking world begin to be manifest. Within the waking states of consciousness, there are rules and rigidity.

In the dream states of consciousness, there are infinite possibilities, restrictions are released and the impossible becomes possible. Dreams help communicate self limiting beliefs, are used to problem solve cutting through the confusion of the egoic mind, can predict the future and in the most transformative spaces, can be used to sow seeds of manifestation, pulling your visions, hopes and dreams for the future into reality within the waking state. Dreams are sacred messages; Sacred Dreams.

Wind helps guide the languaging system of dreams from the dream state into the conscious awareness of the waking state. At the edges of consciousness, your soul desires awakening to the greater truths of transformation of self at deep subconscious levels.



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